IsoBank Design Documents


This page collects various outputs from IsoBank Planning workshops and follow-up metadata development efforts.


June 2019 Workshop Outputs

The following documents reflect feedback from the IsoBank sub-committes on required and/or desireable metadata fields in each of the respective committees fields of expertise. Each committee was provided with a template for defining metadata terms, the source(s) of the metadata values in question and the degree and nature of importance of each metadata element proposed. These documents reflect directly the feedback from the subcommittees and represent a starting point for further refinement.


Archeology & Paleoecology Recommendations

Organismal Biology & Ecology Recommendations

Environmental Systems Recommendations

QAQC Recommendations


Early Planning Materials

These documents represent early ideas on the formation and structure of IsoBank, related projects from which we may draw inspiration, and the rationale for IsoBank as a common repository of stable isotope data.


PNAS Opinion, March 21 2017