To get started with IsoBank, click on "Login" in the header and create an account. You must be signed in to deposit data, save searches, and take advantage of other IsoBank features.

IsoBank uses a system of standardized templates in a comma-separated-value (.csv) format to structure data for ingest and bulk retrieval. Since there are many fields available and not all fields will be applicable to all measurements, we have created a tool to build your own template - select "Upload Templates" from the header to begin this process. This will create a .csv file which you can import into any common spreadsheet application and populate with your stable isotope measurements. You can find more information about each file through the template generation tool itself, but we also strongly encourage you to download and refer to the metadata guide linked below to understand the meaning and intent of each field.

Once you have a file populated with your measurement data, go to "My Data" to upload the measurements into the system - each file you upload will be treated as a "Dataset" by IsoBank and can be updated or removed, as a whole. In future we will also allow you to limit access to these datasets to selected researchers, but for the time being all data uploaded to IsoBank is open to all.

Note that once you have generated a template, you can re-use it, and even share it with others, as many times as you want - the templates simply reflect the standardized fields we support in IsoBank, and the template generator helps track the dependencies between those fields, but once the template is built it can be used by anyone to upload data directly into IsoBank.

To learn more about how to use IsoBank, including how to understand and utilize the rich metadata capabilities of the system, follow the links below:

Metadata Fields Documentation