Project Structure and Organization


A central goal of the IsoBank project is to closely coordinate the development of the data repository with input from the data generating facilities and the research communities for which stable isotope data is a crucial component of their work. As such, the Isobank project is organized into an executive committee, which sets the overall direction of the project and oversees the technical development of IsoBank infrastructure, and a number of disciplinary area sub-committees with responsibility for providing input on data structure, metadata requirements, quality assessment and other aspects of the IsoBank development process. Three of these committees focus on research areas where stable isotope data is generated and used widely, and one committee is responsible for assisting the project in understanding and representing the quality assessment and quality control processes used in generating stable isotope data, and in otherwise assisting the project in coordinating with data generation facilities.

The sections below list the current composition of these committees. Committee membership will rotate in future and past contributions will be recognized here.


Executive Commitee


Gabriel Bowen, University of Utah

Chris Jordan, Texas Advanced Computing Center, The University of Texas at Austin

Seth Newsome, University of New Mexico

Jonathan Pauli, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Brian Hayden, University of New Brunswick

Project Manager: Oliver Shipley, University of New Mexico


Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QAQC)


Brian Hayden (chair)

Craig Cook, University of Wyoming

Andrew Schauer,  University of Washington

Christine France, Smithsonian

Craig Stricker, US Geological Survey

Chris Yarnes, University of California - Davis

Kelton McMahon, University of Rhode Island

Organismal Biology and Ecology


Jonathan Pauli (chair)

Merav Ben-David, University of Wyoming

Carla Cicero, University of California - Berkeley

Todd Dawson, University of California - Berkeley

Ankur Desai, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Jake Vander Zanden, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Bailey McMeans, University of Toronto - Mississauga

Archaeology and Paleoecology


Seth Newsome (chair)

Tamsin O'Connell, University of Cambridge

Suzanne Pilaar Birch, University of Georgia

Mark Uhen, George Mason University

Jack Williams, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Sora Kim, University of California - Merced

Paul Szpak, Trent University (Canada)

Environmental Systems


Gabriel Bowen (chair)

Jaivime Evaristo, Utrecht University

Clement Bataille, University of Ottawa

Hilary Close, University of Miami

Adriana Bailey, National Center for Atmospheric Research

Tim Filley, Purdue University

Technical Implementation


Chris Jordan (chair)

Tomislav Urban, Texas Advanced Computing Center

David Walling, Texas Advanced Computing Center

Anna Dabrowski, Texas Advanced Computing Center